At the 100 year mark of a Lutheran Church in West Barnstable, praises of a heritage that began with Finnish Pastor Alpo Setala will be sung this year - including a Stämbandet offering March 28, 3 and 7pm. The repertoire will no doubt be Finnish heavy, honoring the origins and heritage of this West Barnstable church that following Setala was led by Brunos Wuornos, 1916-1930; Viljo Heiman, 1930-1933; Armas Holmio, 1933-1943, Martin Halinen, 1943-1948; Edwin Kyllonen, 1949-1951; Toivo Harjunpaa, 1951-1956; Douglas Ollila, 1956-62....
Stämbandet will compete in Sing That Thing!  It is an initiative that highlights the Greater Boston singing that goes on in small and large groups of all ages. One group in each category will win. Categories include high school, college, small adult, and large adult group. We will keep you "tuned in" as to our progress, airing on television, and of course.....the results.

For those of you who have never experienced Lucia, the traditional December 13th candle procession, it's time to partake. Alright, you don't have to wear the candles but at least come hear the singing, observe the delight.  For a region of the world that is inundated by dark much of the winter, it is understandable that the hunger for light is imbued into Scandinavian culture. In the case of Lucia, this mixture of religious, atmospheric, and now the comfort of tradition brings some hope and joy to a dark time of year. Here below is a bit more about this tradition...

We are delighted to welcome a superb tenor to our group. Though he does not admit to Scandinavian background, he has an affinity for the Nordic music, for humor, and he has red hair. Perhaps there is some viking origins yet! We will continue to investigate. Nevertheless, his musical experience covers a wide range - and his voice is - well you will have to come hear for yourself - a treat.

Daniel s musical training began with piano. He added organ and singing, composing, directing, and a wide variety of musical genres to his palette. Daniel sings with several local groups
. He also teaches composition and voice, and when he has time can be found contra-dancing in and around Boston.

Given that we have many representatives from Sweden, it seems quite natural to poke a bit of fun at ourselves.

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